Religious Activities

National harmony will be a dream that would come true if all the religions of Sri Lanka were to unite. The main factor in unsettlement in our beloved country is because there are various problems of ethnicity and religion. The youth of Sri Lanka have to be taught to learn to love their brothers and sisters of other races and religions. It is vital to make sure that we respect and value all the religions without condemnation. All communities and schools should understand that we are a multi-ethnic multi-racial and a country that is blessed with many religions. We must aim to promote religious equality between men and women, promoting racial harmony and to help improve the mental and spiritual welfare and improvement of the community.

Youth Empowerment

The youth of Sri Lanka need to be empowered that they can face the world with confidence. Even though we have our problems, we should overcome all obstacles and live in the hope that there will be a brighter tomorrow. We hope to foster, develop and support youth initiatives, and provide a strong representational youth voice in the service. Firm decision-making of the life of our community needs to be the key and we must help the youth of Sri Lanka engage together with resources on a provincial and national level.

Youth empowerment comes with good attitude-building qualities in a structural and cultural whereby the youth can gain the ability, authority, and agency to make decisions and implement change in their own lives and the lives of other people, including youth and adults.


Education is the key and essence to helping developing the knowledge of the youth of our country. We hope to teach the youth of the country and offer specific skills for doing beneficial things to Sri Lanka and hope to impart sound judgment and development that will later mature into wisdom. We aim to give fundamental aspects of culture in the education system and harness the best knowledge that an individual can obtain. English education is also a vital element in our society because our graduates need to obtain employment from the private sector instead of rebelling against the government to give employment that is intangible.

Training & Employment

We hope to offer training with acquisition of knowledge, skills, and competencies as a result of the teaching of vocational or practical skills and knowledge that relates to specific useful skills and in turn, employment. Enhancing personal qualification levels in order to meet the competition and necessary requirements in finding employment will be a vital component. We hope to obtain the best people in the respective industries to conduct classes by uplifting the knowledge, spoken abilities and computer literacy of the rural youth and students. We aim to offer training that will help the youth obtain employment especially to graduates who find it difficult to find suitable jobs. We will try to building bridges between the unemployed and employment sector within the private and government areas. Apprenticeships and vocational training at the technical colleges and polytechnics will also give more development skills for the youth who want to engage in more industrial professions. Training beyond qualifications and upgrading the working life to better their chosen career paths.


The sporting scene in the country has always brought out the best sporting people to carry Sri Lanka’s name internationally.

Many legendary greats have shone greatly from Sri Lanka and it is this element that makes the youth
As winners of the 1996 Cricket World Cup to great sports personalities like Olymipic medalist Susanthika Jayasinghe, Commonwealth Gold medalist Chinthana Vidanage and the highest wicket taker in cricket history Muttiah Muralitharan have all been sources of inspiration for the youth of Sri Lanka. Indulging in sports to bring peace and togetherness is what is important in Sri Lanka and with the help of the youth, we aim to foster ties with everyone from all districts and levels of understanding to bring peace in Sri Lanka.


Haritha Pirunu Ratak (Nature-Friendly Sri Lanka) is a programme taken to ensure that the youth of Sri Lanka work towards a nature-friendly Sri Lanka. Learning about the wonders of Mother Nature and realizing that protecting our flora and fauna is important.

The youth have to now come forward to realise that Global Warming is a major issue and to make sure that necessary steps are being taken to curb this problem. Already many organizations are working together with the youth in schools and universities to inculcate this program. We should realize that nature conservation and sustaining our environment for our future generations is important. We should protect Mother Nature from the dangerous human activities that are prevalent around our country. We should protect and sustain our national parks and make sure our endemic species are protected as well.

The ‘Haritha Pirunu Ratak’ project aims to have nature conservation projects in Puttalam and several other environmental-friendly projects around the country that will be taken to the fore by the youth of Sri Lanka.


We hope to enlighten the youth of Sri Lanka with the best practices and knowledge on health science. Maintaining their health is important and we hope to have many workshops and counseling sessions that will help our youth understand their body better. Focus on health care aspects, nutrition, exercise, hygiene, stress management and natural health will be instrumental in helping the youth understand and also protect their bodies from the temptations that is commonplace in society. Public health measures will be enlightened and good examples of health safety standards will be practiced and this will be the guidance that we hope to instill the youth with. Nowadays our youth can make choices regarding their health but the safe system is yet to be taken into account. More youth health care facilities and hospitals targeted at helping the health of the youth will be the emphasis in our Health initiatives.

Community Services

We hope to clean our national and city parks, have many charitable movements to raise money, give clothes to the needy and also focus on habitat for the community. We hope to have drives to cleaning up the beaches and roadways, help uplift the spirit for the senior citizens, help out with our fire department and police department, offer beneficial school activities, help for a healthy community and other beneficial community activities.

An important focus for our community service initiatives is aiming to help youth financially and to offer counseling services that are very much needed by our nation’s youth. In effect of this, we hope to rehabilitate the troubled youth, offer various social development aspects for the ill and handicapped youth and offer consolation and rehabilitation for those engaged in social abuses. We hope to promote a tobacco free, alcohol and drug free society and to build a healthy disciplined, patriotic and humanistic generation of youth.


The latest charity project is the Carlton Super Cross 2008 racing meet to help raise funds for construction of a swimming pool at the Jaffna University. The ‘Tharunyata Hetak’ youth organization has been successful with the building of the Army Hospital at Anuradhapura through charity events like the ‘Sanda Tharu Rathriya’ variety entertainment show and the Carlton Super Cross racing meet in 2007. Previous charity successes include distribution of school accessories at the Borupana tsunami village, distribution of school accessories to tsunami-affected children, distribution of school accessories in the Molawaththa area of Chilaw District.

Other charitable causes is the distribution of computers for the Delgalle Junior School Gandara, Rohana Maha Vidyalaya Meddawatte, Medananda Junior School Nupe and the Wanigasekara Maha Vidyalaya Wewahamanduwe. Wheelchairs were distributed to disabled and injured war heroes in Delthota through the Sports Club of Delthota.

Also, we have sponsored swimmers for an international swimming meet in Bangkok.

‘Tharunyata Hetak’ also helped in launching a school development program in Trincomalee to improve infrastructure and educational needs of 25 schools in the North and East. The schools selected from the Trincomalee district were Al Azzar Vidyalaya, The China Bay Tamil School, Sri Sumedankara Vidyalaya and the Thambalagamuwa Kulakkodan Tamil Vidyalaya. Educational equipment such as stationary, text books and computers were supplied to these schools and necessary renovations of the schools were also done. The construction of the Uhana Weeragoda Road in the Ampara district, another infrastructure development project was done in addition to reopening the Panadura Fishing Harbour. An International Cricket Stadium in Angunukolapalassa Eraminiyaya that is to be completed by 2009 was also done in collaboration with the Sri Lanka Cricket Board. A new bridge for Thirappane commuters was developed and the opening of Nanasala at the Rambadagalla, Moneragala, Vidyasagara Piriven Viharaya in Kurunegala was done which is an IT training school for under privileged children.

The “OBA VENUWEN API” for collecting much needed resources for our brothers & sisters of the North and East was facilitated by ‘Tharunyata Hetak’, which highlighted its primary objective as to contribute as responsible and caring youth of this nation, rather than wait for the state sector to contribute towards this cause, which is an inevitable.