Who we are..

The ‘Tharunyata Hetak (Aspiring Youth)’ youth organization is committed to unite, develop and nurture the youth of Sri Lanka together in the name of peace.

‘Tharunyata Hetak’ youth organization works towards creating bonds between the youth of Sri Lanka with mutual understanding, national patriotism and development highlighting significant qualities of goodwill, friendship and harmony. Carving a peaceful environment among the youth of Sri Lanka regardless of political geographical location, economic differences, religion or race is the motto of this enlightening youth association.








Years Active

All youth from different ethnicities encompassing Sinhala, Tamil, Burgher, Muslim, Malay, Borah, Memonis and other races and religions will help towards the goal of bringing peace to not only for the youth but for the whole country. By signifying our country’s unity is helping those around you who have no means of life and those who find it difficult to sustain their lives.

The youth of today are the lifeblood of this country and we must make sure that we keep their interests at heart. Sympathy surrounds Sri Lanka’s poignant history that has taken a number of young lives hence we are dedicated to learn from our country’s grave mistakes by ensuring that youth are not needlessly wasted for unintelligible acts of suffering and rebellion. We hope to instill faith and hope in the hearts and the minds of the youth of Sri Lanka, the future generation that will take our country forward