The Art of Winning: Personal Development Program for a Better Lifestyle of Living

A Personal Development program, The Art of Winning was held by the team at Tharunyata Hetak. The chairman of the organization MP Namal Rajapaksa addressed the event and the former president His Excellency Mahinda Rajapaksa too spent the time to drop by the event. The participants had the opportunity to meet the former president and the Tharunyata Hetak chairman to discuss some of the issues facing the nation today. The event was lead by the well known educator and speaker Nalaka Hewamadduma.

Nalaka is an Educator, Speaker, Trainer, Consultant and a Writer in Peak Performance, Mind Body Wellness, Family Enrichment, Character Building and personal effectiveness. A dynamic and entertaining speaker, he inspires and informs people, helping them to realize their true potential. His common sense approach and deeply held beliefs have motivated countless thousands to re-evaluate their attitudes. His corporate, entrepreneurial and military experience has helped people on the path of personal growth, success and fulfillment.

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