Build A Home: Support J. S. Podinona of Netolpitiya to Rebuild Her House

J.S. Podinona of Netolpitiya is living in a defaced house along with her husband. Her husband paralyzed 10 years ago due to an accident and the Tharunyata Hetak team is raising money to rebuild the house. If you are interested in participating, please contact us or make a donation to the details given below. The project is planned to be started within the next few weeks and the updates of the project will be posted as it develops.

Current State of the House


Donations for the project can be done with following ways.

  1. Contact Us and let us know how you are willing to get involved
  2. Make a Direct Deposit to the Bank Account.

Bank Account Details
Account Name: Tharunyata Hetak
Bank: Peoples Bank
Branch: Liberty Plaza Branch
Account Number: 309-1001-65033599

Current Donors

  1. W. M. Wickramasinghe: 15,000
  2. R. D. Devika: 10,000

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