Helping our Own, an Initiative to Extend the Community Services

defaultThe first successful chapter of  Helping our Own" was initiated yesterday. Tharunyata Hetak crew visited the Princess Graces and Marcsri Saranaseva Home in Kaluthara.

With the main home situated at Katukurunda, Kalutara, MARCSRI provides the security of a HOME to the old, the feeble, the bedridden, the terminal, the handicapped, those who can understand and those who cannot understand, irrespective of age, race, caste or creed.

MARCSRI homes, which depend on charity and divine providence, started in January 1983 with one disabled man kept on the porch of my house. The name “MARCSRI” was the combining of two names, ‘Marcus’ + ‘Rita’, which was the name of our home. We had no children. After my husband, Marcus passed away on the 5th March 1982; I began visiting the destitute in hospital that had no one to visit them. One such patient, to whom I had donated a tricycle, came to my doorstep. I kept him on a mat on the porch and cared for him. So without any prior planning or project report, began the first MARCSRI home. As more and more came, i made cadjun sheds. Gradually the sheds became a more permanent building, within years in increased to about 11 homes run on charity under MARCSRI.

The day was organized to make the lives better of the residents of these homes. A mixture of elders and children are in both these homes and they are less privileged and differently able in so many different ways. Tharunyata Hetak decided to do our part to make their lives better.

A special day was organized yesterday where a free Medical camp was held to help the health conditions of existing people. In addition we also distributed food items. It was a heart warming experience for us as we felt that we have helped them feel happy irrespective of the mixed feelings they must be facing every day. In helping people it is our utmost passion to be of best use to the nation as we strive towards nation wide equality.

“Let us Strive towards Equality”

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