Tharunyata Hetak Organized A Law College Entrance Exam Seminar with Neertha Institiute

image006-w400Every year thousands of applicants apply for the Law College examinations with the aspirations of becoming lawyers. Their attempts fail and many give up their dreams of becoming lawyers .The main discrepancy was identified by Namal Rajapaksa for which he introduced an yearly seminar. The seminar is based on revision questions for the Law College Entrance exam. It was held for the second consecutive year at the Maharagama Youth Center on the 19th September 2013. It was full-day seminar with panel of acclaimed lawyers as guest lecturers which saw the active participation of over 1500 students.The program was coordinated by Miss Kithali Jayawickreme, Mr Indika Giragma and Mr Neeth Udesha.

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