Artificial Limb Fitting Clinic for IDP Amputees in Mannar

defaultOn an initiation taken by the Chairman, Mr. Namal Rajapaksa ,”Tharunyata Hetak “ youth organization has joined with the “Medical and Dental Doctors Association of United Kingdom” in organising an Artificial Limb Fitting Clinic for Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) amputees in Mannar from 08th to 22nd July 2009.

A team of professionals in this field from United KIngdom headed by Dr. B. Panagamuwa,Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon of the Artificial Limb Fitting Centre,Birmingham conducted this at the Base Hospital,Mannar. They are also supported by several well experienced technical officers from the “Colombo Friends in Need Society”.

About 150 advanced artificial Legs were made for the IDP amputees at this clinic .They were fitted with these artificial limbs and provided with a short walking training session.

A simple Inauguration ceremony was held on this on the 11th July 2009 at the Base Hospital, Mannar.
Religious dignitaries, Dr. B. Panagamuwa(UK Doctors Association), Dr. Aravinda (Medical Superintendant) ,Dr.Tenny (Mannar Base Hospital), Dr. Shanmugaratnam(Surgeon, Mannar BH), Dr. (Mrs) Jude (RDGHS, Mannar) , Mrs. Kalyani Ranasinghe(CFINS),Dr. Susiri Weerasekara(CF INS), Dr. Chula Senaratne, and Mr. Rohana Herath of “Tharunyata Hetak” graced this occasion .

On the final day Mr. Namal Rajapakse , Chairman, “Tharunyata Hetak” visited the Mannar Hospital to be with these IDP amputees & encourage them. It was a touching moment where a child of around 8yrs who lost the leg due to a land mine in Mullaitive, was fixed with an artifiical limb by Mr. Namal Rajapakse and the child was walking without any help soon after.

In his welcome address Dr. Aravinda , Medical Superintendent of the Mannar Hospital mantioned that this is the first time that a VIP of the calibre of Mr. Namal Rajapakse visited the Mannar Hospital in it’s long history.It was indeed an encouragement for their work in the difficult circumstances.
Mr. Namal Rajapkse thanked Dr. Panagamuwa & his team for their efforts in this and assured the tamil brothers and sisters, including the amputees that he will do everything possible for them for a promising future.

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